Thoughts are steering the car

"Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change."

This may surprise you. It may scare you and chances are you will want to immediately change the answer.

Ask yourself. What Am I thinking?

In many cases throughout our day, this question will bring a negative answer. Our minds are on autopilot for most of the time. Similar to a child being unsupervised, we all need intention, and most important direction.

If a negative thought is playing over and over in your mind, the odds are your feelings are reflecting that negativity, which ultimately leads to inaction.

Take it a step further and find out why you are thinking that negative thought. If it is something that has happened in your past, it is over. It needs to be removed. Write down your thoughts completely regarding this and throw it away.

Many times we have misguided thoughts that can destroy our confidence, self esteem and in turn the very choices we make ( or don't make).

I find when I am feeling in a funk, if I ask that simple question, What am I thinking right now? nine times out of ten that is the answer. The thought is causing the bad feelings.

Just allowing myself this awareness can jolt me out of my own way.

I will then think a happy and positive thought, get busy, and generally the good vibe feeling will follow.

We are in charge of how we choose to think about something, which leads to how we choose to feel.

I like to challenge myself and when I do not feel like doing something that I know I should ( a run, walking the dog etc) I purposely think thoughts on how good I will feel once it is accomplished, push through the fog, and get moving.

I have found taking a closer look at the thoughts, and feelings that continually arise up daily, and challenging them is a game we can all play, and we then become the winners.

In peace and love,

Barbara xo