Take action without fear

"I get to decide what is possible for me."

We are all creating our lives from where we truly believe we deserve to be.

When I am willing to learn new things, grow, fail, get back up, and go again, I gain momentum. I am not afraid to really feel the fear I carry inside, or to put myself out there and not hide. After all, once we are on the field, we are always winning.

Isn't this what the human experience is all about?

In my life I have discovered this first hand, and coming to terms with the fact that regardless of the goals I have set and met for myself, I will always want more. I am not talking strictly about money in the more line, although that is a nice side bonus! I am referring to the way my brain sees something it likes, and wants to achieve it, and bam! It begins to wrap itself around my mind almost immediately.

My capacity to be willing to evolve to my truest self, creates authentic power.

I realize that we all have different ways of being in the world, and some people may not agree with my continuous goal setting brain, and that is exactly my point. We all can learn from each others strategies and desires for physical and mental development.

Once you achieve that goal you have strived for, it seems we still want to keep reaching, never feeling fully satisfied. And maybe we are not meant to ever feel 100% satisfied.

If we all realize part of being human means always striving for growth, being all in and becoming aligned with this can be the game changer.

We are all in this game together, just all walking in our own lane, ultimately heading to the same finish line.

If you had no fear of failing what would you be willing to reach for?

In Peace and Strength,

Barbara xo