Updated: Feb 18

2021 has come with all of its high expectations and hope. As I reflect back I am reminded that when we look back we lose sight of where we are going.

Just for that split second-we have lost our footing forward.

In Webster's Dictionary I found the definition of renewal as " an instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption" and " the replacing of something worn out, run down, broken."

Have we all discovered our own brokenness in the uncertainty of the world?

Have we all become run down and worn out as the loneliness and devastation continues to crowd out our space?

I am encouraged by the brightness and benevolence of goodness, and by the power of renewal.

Let us stop, reflect, and carry on. We can too often become numb to the negativity, and must seek intention to overcome.

In my world, I am Mom and that comes with it a most revered and highly sought after power.

A power that us Moms know we can pull off because we have no other choice.

Our children's hopeful eyes look to us for the answers, to make it okay. Deep inside of me I know we shall overcome. The interruption can only last so long.

Let's get to making dinner, and get on with it already.

In Peace and Love,

Barbara xo