I love how listening to an old song can instantly bring you back in time. This happened to me today. While driving and flipping through the channels, I came across an old favorite from 1989. Madonna in all of her glory filled my ears with a undeniable delight, singing directly to me and transporting me back in time. Instantly I was back, in my old bedroom on Nelson Street, Sony Walkman and my Dr. Pepper by my side.

The love of my life was there, and along with Him was all that consumed me when I was 15. My boombox, my cassette tapes, a basketball, my loves baby scent perfume and Bonne bell lip smacker.

Just for the moment, my worries of my 48 year old life were instantly gone, replaced by long empty days of friends, good music and of course MTV!

Oh how sweet it is, if you get a chance today, go find one of your favorite tunes from your past and embark on your own nostalgia, just for a few minutes! I promise you, a smile is guaranteed.