Dog days of summer are coming!

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."

Looking forward to this season, summer. Bare toes, the beachy scent of Coppertone sunscreen, cold margaritas, steaks on the grill, and evening crickets chirping through the open window.

The inevitable elephant in the room will no doubt continue to be around, but thats okay. I am not saying I like it, or it is pleasant in any way, yet summer is coming to surround us with some much needed beauty.

The ice cream cones, sweet scents of smell of pavement and fresh flowers and the glorious morning birdsongs are happening, slow and steady.

Our world is going to expand with summers sunshine, thundershowers, mosquitos, hikes, barbecues, open windows and lush greens.

The watermelon, dirty feet, plunging fingers into the earth preparing the garden, sweet tomatoes, evening walks, homemade lemonade and iced tea.

One thing is for sure. When I look back on the Spring and Summer of 2020, I anticipate I will always have a story, some highs, many lows, but one more chapter in all of our lives.

This could be compared to a life event I shared with my then 4 year old daughter, Ella Kate, one summer afternoon. She had spent the day at the beach building sand castles.The tide came in and washed all of her work away as we were getting picked up to leave. Crying, she said " how could everything I have worked on all day just get washed away?"

Desperate to say the right thing, I forged on with " well, those were todays sand castles, we get to make more tomorrow."

Better days ahead, for there are more sand castles to build.

There is no right answer right now.

In Peace and Health,

Barbara xo