Its not all about me

" I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all."

~Coco Chanel

Poor me, living in the victim mentality gives up all of our power. Instantly.

Everytime we create feelings of helplessness, and fear we ultimately are giving up our power to the perpetrator, regardless if it is your husband, your mean boss, or your sister.

Unconsciously we do this and we need to start being aware of it and stop giving up our power to anyone else.

Thoughts and beliefs such as "My life would be great if only my husband spent more time with me", or "If I didn't have such a mean and selfish boss" do not serve us.

In this negative thought pattern, we immediately get defensive, and projecting hate and frustration and anger while we are spinning ourselves into a huge victim mentality.

Acknowledging the facts of the situation, and by not taking it on is the key to taking back our control. It never serves us to do anything other then this.

When we feel victimized we want to hide, don't want to put ourselves out there for fear of what that negative emotion will feel like, and we believe we can't handle it.

This is a negative belief pattern that has grown inside of us and established itself overtime.

We can start to acknowledge it when we start complaining and becoming the victim of our story. We feel justified in our story and by repeating it over and over we are looking for the attention and the support in negative ways. We have handed over our power to our past.

Turn this around by taking responsibility for how we feel in every moment. All of our feelings are caused by our own thinking. Keep your power, know your strength within yourself.

Allow other people (especially your husband and boss), to say exactly what they feel. Find some truth in the situation and move on. By spinning out in defensive mode, we are creating unnecessary drama.

After all, the truth is what other people say, do, and think has absolutely nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them.

In Peace and Love,

Barbara xo