A Starry Night

Imagine you are lying on your back watching the stars ten years from now. What do you suppose you will be thinking of? I will bet the job you have worked tirelessly at won't be on your mind, or that extra money you were able to make. No you will be dreaming of that special person, who made a mark on your life in a grand way. It may be your first love, or your mom, maybe even your best friend ( if she isn't lying next to you).

Either way the people we allow into our lives, who weave their way into our hearts are what will make the final cut.

The magic of our lives is filled with the dancing, holding and loving each other.

Our lives are reframed by the real moments.

The call you didn't want to make-but had to, ending up in both of you crying and laughing simultaneously.

The wedding that you dreaded but showed up to support your friend.

The belly laughs-the ones you can't forget even years later.

The gaze which held your attention just a minute too long.

Reaching out can be difficult. Hard even. But years from now you will be happy you did.

When your mind drifts to that certain person, give it up and check in.

After all it is these moments which make up are whole lives.

In Peace and Love,

~Barbara xo