good thoughts=good feelings

"Successful people live well, laugh often and love much. They have filled a niche and accomplished tasks so as to leave the world better than they found it, while looking for the best in others and giving the best they have."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our thoughts drive our feelings. If I am thinking negatively about myself, insecure, unworthy it will show up immediately through the way I am feeling. This then transfers to the action that I am not taking to improve myself, and my life.

If on the other hand, I choose to think highly of myself, keep a positive thought on who I am and what I can achieve, this will allow me to feel better, more confident and capable of taking the action required to improve my life or achieve my goals.

The reality too, is of course we are all human and it is in our nature to feel confident one minute and doubt ourselves the next.

This is where faith makes an entrance. Faith in yourself, in the universe, in God's grace.

We welcome the new day, with hope. We attend to our daily tasks, with positive thought and attention, from the happiest moments to the most mundane. We keep love in our hearts, offer it up and out and with any luck, we get it back.

Life does not always go according to our best laid plans, and by knowing this truth and try to shift our thinking that whatever happens is happening for me and not to me is helpful.

Three important factors to consider in our daily practice of living our best life include nonresistance, fearless faith and love.

Jot these down somewhere you will see it and be reminded everyday. Living intentionally with love, nonresistance and fearless faith has the power to change your life!

In Peace and Wellness,

~Barbara xo