Becoming Real

November 12, 2019







The most satisfying element of getting older ( and wiser) for me has undoubtedly been "becoming real." What does this actually mean, you may ask?


Shedding the mask that I used to wear, to cover up my true personality, in order to please people. Perhaps not saying what I really thought just to avoid conflict. Never really honoring or even knowing the things that made me the happiest in life.


I began to be more receptive and alert, instead of being so wrapped up in my thoughts and too busy to pay attention. The more open you are to possibility, the more you will experience it.


This process of unshedding and coming into my self fully has been sometimes uncomfortable and unpleasant. Yet, over time as I have acknowledged and accepted my strengths and flaws, through growth I have learned to trust my inner voice.


Every day I set out to be kind, loving and true to who I am. There are times when this is challenging, however I try and look at life's lows as lessons to do my best and attempt to see the light which may or may not be at the end. I have started following my curiosity, follow my urges and pay closer attention to what excites me and to my dreams. 


Through honesty and integrity my life has become real. People may not always agree with my style, or enthusiasm but that is not my concern or cross to bear. 


I believe to "become real" first to yourself, is key, and then to others is life's most important challenge. True authencity is trusting and loving your

heart enough to appreciate what makes you, special, and honoring your truth.


IN Peace and Love~

Barbara xo


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