Honey Bees and Sunscreen

"Live in each season as it passes, breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit."

~Henry David Thoreau

It is Hot and humid here in New England. The bees are out and the sweet smell of sunscreen surrounds us.

It is July.

The pursuit of happiness is the theme of this month and somehow it becomes our own personal priority.

I love this month for no other reason then it forces us to slow down. Just be, and embrace simplicity. Oh yeah, and the summer foods.

Eat less, and for me that is mostly dinners of chopped up or sliced vegetables, with a dollop of protein. It may be tofu, tunafish, or eggs, as long as it is easy to throw together, its happening.

The sweet juice dripping on my chin from a bite into a glorious ripe peach. The watermelon sliced thin, buttery corn on the cob, popping ripe tomatoes from the vine and a piece of tart strawberry rhubarb pie with a dollop of whipped cream.


It feels good to relax a bit, and to kick up your feet after a long day and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Coppertone sunscreen, wild flowers, bugspray and campfires, all make up the scents of the season that bring me back to the nostalgia of childhood.

My usual routine of walking or running after work has been compromised to a early morning walk when the air is cool and fresh.

Hanging the sheets out on the line, sipping homemade lemonade or iced tea on the porch, reading the latest Elin Hilderbrand novel of the summer while lounging in the hammock, enjoying a slow stroll through the farmers market, that first dip in the lake and working in the garden are my favorite activities this month.

Its time to enjoy the beauty outside daily! Awaken to the gifts that surround us!