Detox. 101

You are what you eat...and drink! Over time our bodies become weighed down with overload of toxins that prevent us from performing and functioning optimally. A detox works by eliminating all of the toxins which include: pesticides, parasites, chemicals, preservatives, pollutions, and other substances we are exposed to that are like poison to our body.

Most of these are found in the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, and the world we live in.

Once the body reaches its limit and can no longer properly store them we begin to see the reactions and this presents as illness, allergies, weight gain, headaches and low energy.

It is recommended and useful to complete a detox at least once a year. I do mine in early Spring, somewhat of a "spring cleaning", which ties into that time of year where we are eager to shed the excess weight and heaviness of the winter. Immediately my body feels cleaner, lighter, and allows me to maintain a better focus and clarity in my mind and my body.

The benefits of detoxification include restoring your energy, weight loss, relieving skin problems, improving metabolism, digestive disorders, and constipation, reduced cholesterol, fluid retention and implementing clearer thought processes, hormones, and moods.

In the colon, benefits include eliminating waste, mucus, undigested foods, cellular debris and bacteria.

Kidneys benefit by cleansing the blood and expelling excess salts and h


The largest organ in the body, our skin, eliminates toxins by sweating.

A simple detox is to cut out all foods and drink mostly water for 24 hours. Start your day be drinking spring water with fresh lemon, add fresh vegetable juice, eliminate sugar and processed foods, take a probiotic supplement, and add fresh herbs, fruits and raw vegetables.

Adding spices like ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, cumin and turmeric are supercleansing and good to sprinkle in your morning smoothie.

Breathe deeply, exercise daily through walking or yoga, meditate, stretch, read, write, laugh, smile and be happy!

In Peace and Health,