19 for 2019!

The list consists of things that I have wanted to get done in one way or another, and have decided to go ahead and make myself accountable ( not sure it will make a difference, but its worth a shot).

They are not listed in any particular order and some are fanciful and some quite practical.

Okay, so here we go!

1. Make more of an effort to connect with my sister, Mary.

This first one is somewhat significant because I feel it is so very important to both of us. We only live 45 minutes away from each other, yet it is like an act of Congress to find time to connect, in person. We have implemented a tradition that we love which is meeting in between our birthday months ( which falls in July) at a restaurant to spend an evening together catching up. This is not nearly enough, so I am going to make more of an effort in dinner dates, and Saturday afternoon walks.

2. Make a current scrapbook of our family and fun events for Ella Kate

This is one I believe many of us have on our list. Back in the days before iPhones, I was actually pretty good at documenting our family life with up to date scrapbooks and photo albums. I have somewhere in the past 5 years, fallen off the wagon.

This year I will bounce back and redeem myself with at least one fun filled memory book.

3. Continue on with my Juicing and Smoothie making

I have continued with daily green smoothies for my breakfast on most days but have slacked off on the juicing process over the winter months. I intend to stock up my veggie bins and start mixing it up!

4. Explore more of the White Mountains hiking trails

I am blessed to live in such a beautiful atmosphere with gorgeous Mountains, and I have embarked on hiking as many trails as possible about 10 years ago. I have about 12 under my belt, and now that my daughter, Ella Kate is old enough to join us its time to lace up the sneakers and do it.

5. Work my way through one of my favorite cookbooks

I love the Smitten Kitchen website, and was lucky enough to receive the latest cookbook at Christmas. It does include many yummy recipes but some are rather timely and will require a commitment on my part, but am eager to learn new things for my family to enjoy.

6. Walk or Run every day after work and before picking up Ella Kate

This is something I have actually been doing since starting my new job at the Town Office back in October. I added it because it is something I want desperately to continue in 2019. I will add some hand weights and challenge my route to include hills.

7. Serve others-continue work with the elderly more frequently

There is no greater feeling then offering love and presence to the elderly, who may be in desperate need of some love and attention. I frequently visit the local nursing homes to offer a smile, story and company. I always leave with a full heart.

8. Finish up my Children's Book with my Mom

I have had a wonderful idea for a children's book for quite some time, and my Mom is an exceptional artist has illustrated my work. It is a fun project we have been working on together and I am eager to finish up and find a publisher

9. Paint and Sip

I attended my first paint and sip class last fall, and loved it. I want to continue to attend more of these events which are held at the Chamber of Commerce in my town. It is a great way to get out into the community and meet up with fellow women who have shared interests.

10. Teach Yoga classes

I recently received my Yoga training certification and want to expand my teaching to include at least one weekly class.

11. Develop creative work in my Sunday school teaching and serve as the Church Treasurer at my church

I have served on the Christian Education team for three years and I will continue this work this year as well, and also will soon take over the Treasurer position in the summer. I know it will require several hours a week, but I am learning new things and offering my skills to the people of the community.

12. Implement Date Nights

Patrick and I don't get out enough and I feel like we are at a stage in our marriage where this is non negotiable for happiness. It may be a walk together or a movie we both enjoy, but its time to begin this ritual.

13. Rise an hour earlier

I go in stages on this one. I will get into a habit of getting up earlier to achieve a goal, yet find myself a few months later retreating back to my usual of 6:30.

I want to shoot for 5:45 and make it stick. Wish me Luck!

14. Pump up my weight lifting game

I do use weights everyday, but I have been using the same without much growth for a while now. Its time to move it up a notch.

15. More one on one with my Dad

This is perhaps one of the most difficult, only due to my schedule and the weekends get too crowded with children activities. I do visit frequently and would really like to make a habit of taking him out to lunch say once every few weeks.

16. Have a Dermatologist Checkup

I am overdue here and well, Enough said.

17. Volunteer at my daughters school more frequently

I have wanted to be more involved for a few years now. I am glad that I have been active in bringing Ella Kate to Bretton Woods for the ski program this year, and will make a commitment to keep on volunteering for school events.

18. Throw out all things that do not bring me Joy

I really need to do this. Starting in my closet, and moving on to Ella Kates room. Donate!

19. Saved the Best for Last! Celebrate my son, Spencer's College Graduation! Woo-Hoo!

There will be many from the family joining us in Texas for this very joyous occasion, lots of planning left to make this day extra special!

This was a great way to get down on paper all of the things I want to check off this year, I encourage everyone to do it and own it, to and for yourself.

In Peace and Blessings,