Personal Healing and Growth

Believing in Yourself, is the Game Changer.

It is the backroad in life, that will essentially connect all the other roads, or to be literal, the personal details together.

The visible shining truth is revealed through many awakenings, yet the most profound for me is pure peace and inner joy. Living life with grace, kindness, love.

How you will get from a tangled up scared mess to peace can occur through a series of changes and by making better choices for yourself, starting with a very simple habit. Sit Still.

Meditate. Sitting still. Thats right, those two words are interchangeable. One does equal the other.

Very simple, right? So exactly how does this have the overall picture of peace and joy?

It all starts with having a solid presence. Quiet the mind and focus on what is happening directly in front of you. Allow your inner soul to guide you to your most trustworthy self.

Everyday will begin to feel more manageable because you are now bringing the qualities within yourself to your life. People will begin to notice that there is something about you that they want. The harmony in a life lived well is contagious.

Approaching your life with more truth and love, and less drama and doubt will result in a life serving the greater good, life will present you with an opportunity for service.

Having a spirit of service will benefit you, your family, your coworkers, and ultimately everyone that you touch in life.

We all have our old buddy Fear that may try and jump in the drivers seat on occasion, who has decided for us that we really can't do that thing we want to do, regardless of how badly we may want it. Do not allow Fear to take control of your life, thank it for showing up and then throw it in the backseat, because You are taking the wheel of your life, unapologetically.

Having full on belief allows life to naturally flow in the most abundant directions, and your ability to receive the good stuff grows. Through this circle you generate and pass on to others the invitation to believe. How beautiful is that?