Start Today! Celebrate Your Life!

Eat more veggies and fruit-Cut out sugar and limit processed foods-Plan out your weekly lunches and dinners, and then make them homemade-read a book-move your body for 30 minutes-apologize and forgive someone-drink more water-use the stairs-mediate for 10 minutes before getting out of bed-try yoga-play a game outside with your kids-volunteer-walk on your lunch break-skip TV and write in a journal-go to bed an hour earlier-get up an hour earlier-take a brisk walk-drink a cup of green tea-break a sweat everyday-clean out your fridge-organize your pantry-cut ties with negative people-be optimistic-aim to do one uncomfortable thing everyday-drop excuses and be accountable for your decisions-sit and be still for 10 minutes a day-try a new recipe once a week-go outside and pick a bouquet of fresh flowers, display on your kitchen table-listen to jazz or classical while you clean the house-make a budget and live within your means-challenge yourself daily-take a online class-

buy a blender, and juicer, make smoothies for your breakfast-call your parents-stay in touch with family through snail mail-host a summer bbq-throw out any things you don't use/need/love-find a job you love-leave off the extra sauce-throw your dog a ball and a walk everyday-stretch-give gratitude for your blessings-Love yourself!