*Challenge Yourself*

" A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there."

Whatever it is that will challenge you, Do It Today!

Take the choice that will be uncomfortable or maybe a little scary. If you are feeling that way, you are growing. Expand your comfort zone. Call that person you have been thinking about. Write the first chapter of that great book idea you have been meaning to, plan a trip to the fancy new restaurant that everyone is raving about, forgive someone, offer up your free afternoon to volunteer at the nursing home, sign up for a 5K, turn off the TV and take the dog for a long walk, show up at the Yoga class. Key is the follow through.

Get up and get clear with what it is that you can accomplish today. Don't overthink this, everyone of us has plenty of things that we know we should do, yet continually make excuses as to why we can't get it done.

Taking the first step will motivate you into continuing the action. The motivation comes from the action. Acknowledging your self worth will give your confidence a huge boost.

The next opportunity you get to leap will most likely will arrive out of nowhere, and it is up to you to be ready for the challenge.