2017: That's a Wrap

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

~Abraham Lincoln

And so the story goes, the end of another year comes to a close. A year where we all have experienced our own victories, and defeats of many different kinds.

A win for me was the opportunity to do some traveling with my family, visiting my son and brother in Texas and a trip to experience the magic of Disneyworld. I started my own website, including this blog, and have enjoyed learning and growing in the process. I have started my journey to becoming a Yoga Instructor, and did some exciting work as a Health Coach.

I have also felt defeat in many forms this year. It came in several different ways, one of feeling misunderstood, rejected and general feelings of discouragement. This is all part of being human, and reminding myself that I am not alone in these feelings helps. It is comforting to know that we all share multitudes of celebrations and adversity throughout our lives. When I am in these places, I remind myself to see the bigger picture, and to do my best and let it go.

I was given many blessings this year, including more time with my parents, my brothers and sister, and enjoying a year of good health. My son, Lucas graduated from high school, and we all jumped for joy on his accomplishment. My son Spencer continues to be successful in now his junior year of college, at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. Ella Kate, my little girl is now in the first grade, and continuing with her love of drawing and art. She is currently involved in basketball, where she is lucky to have her Daddy coaching her. Good times. Patrick has just recently finished up yet another busy and hectic Christmas season at the post office, and we are all very fortunate to have such a warm and dedicated Super Dad on our team.

I give gratitude to my employer, Healogics, and for the job that I do at Weeks Medical Center, in the Wound Center. I truly love going to my job everyday and working with some amazing people. They are all dedicated, loving and inspiring people with whom I owe so many good times. We all work very closely as a team, and tend to push each other forward in a unique and wonderful way. I am thankful for Ann, Sierra, Amy and Sue and all of the Wound Center Doctors. They all inspire me to do my best and give all that I can give.

In the crazy world which we all share, we are all reminded daily of how fragile and precious our time here is. Between ongoing strife in and around the world, and the threat of yet another war, we need to give our best effort to be thankful and grateful for the many gifts we enjoy everyday. Yes, the basics like water and food, a warm house and bed to sleep of course, but also the gifts that we carry in our hearts. Helping someone who is struggling with the pressures of life, offering a ride, a hand or even a smile to others can be enough to keep the light shining and warm up our cold world.

Our local community recently lost a very special woman this year, Geri Scott.

To all who knew her, you were blessed. I can honestly say I am a better person thanks to her love. She showed me that it does not matter the short comings that we all struggle with, what matters is what is in your heart, Love. Most importantly offering that love to others, in any form that works for you. It may be time, it may be baked goodies, it may be just being there and offering yourself and your truth. Gerri, my love you are missed. But never forgotten.

In the reflection of looking back on 2017, it was filled with many glorious moments as well as the small inelegant moments that every year brings to all of us. I look back on it-and smile.

As we move into a new year, may we live it as people who give and receive Love, Forgiveness and Grace, during the grandiose and not so grandiose moments.

In Peace and Love,