Sunday Meal Prepping and Juicing

I began doing meal prepping and juicing on Sunday afternoons about a year or so ago, and it has definitely improved my life! I find with healthy and substantial food choices available my family and I eat better, and are satisfied all week long. If this is something that you have yet to try, I encourage you to check it out! It will consume a good portion of your Sunday afternoon, but trust me it is so worth it. The reason most of us tend to eat the processed and packaged foods is due to their convenience. Yet, by taking a few hours a week to plan ahead and prepare healthy snacks and meals, you are by far winning.

I like to wash all of my fruits and vegetables first, and cut or slice them into how ever I will keep them stored in the refrigerator.

Making a big pot of a vegetable or chicken soup is a great idea this time of year, and use the extra cut up veggies for snacking with hummus or dip for the kids. Make a batch of hardboiled eggs, healthy lowfat muffins, and overnight oats for breakfasts on the go.

This is another great time to do some juicing and saving it in mason jars for the week ahead. I recently bought a new juicer, a Breville which I love. It is not a quick thing to do, however, especially cleaning the machine afterwards, and this is why a weekend is truly the best and most practical time to juice.

One of my favorite recipes is this sunny and refreshing juice made with carrots and cantaloupe, try it out for yourself. It is filled with lots of Vitamin C and A, and is an excellent boost for your immune system.


~2 Cups Canteloupe, cut into chunks

~2 Carrots

~2 Celery stalks

~8 Romaine Leaves

Wash and prep all veggies. A juicer works great, but a blender will do in a pinch! Enjoy!

This will last a few days if stored in a tight container in the fridge.