Discovering Me

As a child growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to imagine myself as a Beautician, who transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. I had a vanity table that my Mom made me, complete with frilly lace and pretty brushes. Many memories include that beautiful handmade set made by my Mom.

As I grew up I continued to transform myself into being someone that other people would like, all the time foolishly believing if I looked and behaved a certain way, and had enough people like me, I would be happy. Day after day, pushing myself without checking in to connect to my true self. Feeling overly busy, disconnected and utterly exhausted. This is all our way of attempting to protect yourself from rejection. No matter how hard I tried to be happy and fulfilled, I just couldn't get it right. Deep inside of my soul I knew I was going about it all wrong.

It led me to heartbreak, misunderstandings, and feeling generally unappreciated.

What I have realized was that the Joy I had been desperately searching for my entire life, was right here inside of Me. I already had wonderful skills, passions, and feelings just waiting to be embraced. I don't have to get another degree, job or title.

I already have everything I need to be completely Joyful and Happy right here inside of me.

Right Now.

And so do You.

Once we ditch the comparison game, and get back to our own inner truths, life begins to start to make sense, and begins working in our favor. It all starts with ourselves.

If we allow our busy chaotic world to take over our soul, it will.

Slow down. Breathe. Live a open and humble life, offering yourself and your gifts to others. Be a blessing to those less fortunate, or simply a presence to someone who is lonely. We are the only ones who have the authority to add or subtract to our daily lives, with this is freedom and responsibility.

I am a work in progress. We all are. One minute, one moment at a time. Our growing love for ourselves moves us from being victims of our life situation, to being winners. We all share the same strains in our everyday lives, the stress of work, family and relationships.

Finding Grace amidst the chaos is the way we become thankful for all that we have.

Finding Gratitude in the small, in the hard, in the dark corners that we don't want anyone to see. Shine a light on it, stretch out your hand and try to find the good.

Believing in yourself, in your Higher Power, naturally attracts wonderful people and experiences to us. For me, this higher power is God.

Once I released the will for my life in exchange for His will, I felt an immediate relief. Anchoring my journey from within, has meant all the difference in my Life. I would soon awaken, discover and nurture myself, with love at the deepest level possible.

This has been my way to my fullest life.

My self discovery has created harmony and balance in my life. As I have become more grounded in my Faith, I have gained tremendous strength and courage from my vulnerability. I would rather lay it all out before you then try and hide what is inside. I want the real happiness, and contentment that we are all entitled to everyday.

True self worth does not depend on your achievements or social status, bank accounts, or amount of likes, but rather how you love and treat others and yourself. Regardless of your mission in life, your inner truth, your inner purpose matters more.

God is teaching me. Jesus said in John 8:32, " The truth will set you free."