Up the Ante

You are an unbelievable, flaming, beautiful ball of fire.

You are unique, creative, hardworking, dedicated and so important. What you do every single day effects many people, so keep on doing the wonderful work that is important to you.

You were not made to sit on the sidelines cheering on everyone in the game. Your place is on the field, in the ring, on the pavement. Show up for yourself.

Do not dim your unbelievably bright light to accommodate the insecurities of others. You do not have to worry about what others think of you, actually it is none of your business anyway!

You know who you are, Smart and Passionate, with a Huge Authentic and Messy Heart. You Deserve to be Seen, and You Deserve to be Heard.

So get up and get out there, and keep kicking ass.

Don't ever stop believing in your Greatness!