Give yourself permission to rest

We arrived in Florida, the Sunshine State a few weeks ago, My Family all packed and eager to see, explore and let the good times roll. I knew that we were all desperate for a break, a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, of alarm clocks, of routines.

What I didn't remember was how to properly allow myself to officially let myself go. I guess that tells you how long it had been since I have been off the radar, full on sun and sand.

It actually takes a day or so for the body to surrender the need for structure, for rules, for routine.

How grateful I felt to trade in my "to do lists" for ocean air and palm trees swaying.

What I realized was that it is vital for our peace of minds, to give ourselves the gift of doing nothing.

No agenda, except, of course for which drink to indulge in, and which way to set out in pursuit of sights and new experiences.

Slowly the ticking time bomb inside of me began to silently fade away.

Once we let down our defenses, life begins to flow quite nicely.

In giving this more thought, it only makes sense to me that I continue with this line of thinking. After all, life's important decisions and tasks do not all fall directly onto me.

Allowing yourself to take a break is a necessity to your wholeness, and your peace of mind.

Taking time to disconnect from it all ( mostly screens), and reconnect with family is extremely important, and rejuvenating. Make a point to be as present as you can in the moment, and reflect on the reasons why you work so hard in the first place.

Presenting the world with the very best rested version of ourselves is realistically, not perfect.

It is the Cheerios covering the counter top, the dogs water spilled a bit on the floor, the wet towels that didn't quite make the laundry basket.

In looking closer, all of these things are trivial and not worth an ounce of our precious time. Time goes fast, and once the moment is gone, its gone.

I don't want to continue to rush my life away, only to awaken in ten years, wishing I had slowed down long enough to embrace these special "ordinary" moments.

Allow for the days when its okay to sleep in and stay in your pajamas goofing around with the kids. These are the moments that make up your life.

These carefree, coffee sipping, glorious days are gifts.

Start incorporating little gems of your vacation mode into every day life.

Have a second cup of coffee, head outside every day for a nature hike and fresh air, splurge on the massage or manicure. We are worth the details, and our bodies and minds will thank us!

Pull out the fancy china, don the expensive outfit or rock your pjs. Live in indulgence, or live as freely simple as you wish, and rest and play as often as you can.

In Peace and Health~