Lets Lift Each Other Up

" If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

~Booker T. Washington

This is such an important time for Women, as we set the standard for Strong Women everywhere, in Medicine, Education, Politics, Business, the Arts, and at Home. We hold ourselves to a high standard, filled with compassion and wisdom, hoping to unleash our best selves and live our best lives.

In setting this standard, we are also moving forward with the idea of empowering our fellow sisters, instead of knocking them down. We have all encountered the avalanche of snarky comments from the gym to the boardroom. What we now know is that what we say about others actually reflects our own character, by bringing another person down, we are finally realizing this does not lift us up. In fact, by doing this we lower ourselves and our standards of good living.

I believe through expressing our own individual brilliance, all out , fully and completely embracing our uniqueness, we will no longer feel the need to tarnish another's star.

Have you ever noticed that for some reason when we do something really great or accomplish a goal for ourselves we feel that we need to downplay it? I have certainly experienced this enough in my life, where I have decided that it is time to stop. I believe we need to give ourselves permission to shine and be there fully to lift others up in their own times of accomplishment.

When we offer true love and genuine happiness for others in their accomplishments, we absolutely gain that back for ourselves. It is making a deposit into your own bank when depositing into others.

Living authentically can never be misguided. We should strive to be that person who will hold you accountable to your highest potential, expecting others to do the same for us.

The magic of real loving friendships is the ability to pick back up where you left off, even over thousands of miles apart. When you stray off your path, they will be there when you finally arrive back to your senses. We all know that as we grow older, friendships become more work. Life is busy with kids, marriage, work and all of the everyday stuff that preoccupies us most of the time. Seeking out positive healthy friendships is vital to our well being and good for our soul. These extraordinary friends are the ones who will put in the effort, engage and always be honest.

They will never judge you.

They will cheer you on, and feel your triumphant victories as their own.

They will learn from your strength. Have the uncomfortable conversations and trust that through the bad times your unconditional love will withhold the test of time.

We are all here in this world doing the best we can. Its time to support one another with love.

If you have been where someone is now, offer up your wisdom and guidance, lend a helping hand. Let them know that you care, be vulnerable and honest.

Compliment each other, return a hug, a gift, a favor or a smile.

People will be your guiding light at times when yours begins to dim, life works that way. What you put out, will come back to you.

As we grow into and fully embrace our true selves ( usually with age), we begin to realize that life is not a competition. We are doing the best we can with what we have, and working towards improvement.

Keep your heart open, look for real connection, listen to what others have to say, and bring your authentic joy and enthusiasm to everyone you meet. Your life will change for the better.

Connect. With People, Dogs, Nature, whatever you want, just connect with something.

We all need this nourishment everyday.

We are all Connected, of One Mind, One Body, One Soul.

The World is calling for us to Go High, and instead of turning against one another, turn towards each other, with love and support.

In Peace and Health~