My Recommended Reads~ Part 1

These are just a few of the many books in which I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom from, and there is plenty more of what I consider to be my all time favorite books. I strongly suggest you check them out, and see for yourself. Each one has plenty of scribbles, dog eared pages, and highlighted paragraphs, this proves to me that it is worth mentioning. I love to read, and welcome any comments from you on what you are reading right now, and how it has impacted your life!

Lean In -Sheryl Sandberg

This book was written for professional women to provide encouragement and helpful suggestions on how to get to exactly where we want to be.

The takeaways were many, including the importance of teamwork in the workplace as well as at home, how to learn to be supportive of our sisters (coworkers) in all of their endeavors, explore how women sabotage each other in the workplace, how to view your career as more of a jungle gym instead of a ladder, how to sit at the table and intentionally lean in along side your male colleagues, not whimpering down at critical times, and how to skip people pleasing.

Another important chapter was how women downplay our abilities and seem all to willingly dismiss our accomplishments, and avoid opportunities to advance out of fear. This is a eye opener for us all, as I found myself nodding my head while reading this very important point. Great insights here.

Change your thoughts, Change your Life-Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer was a Spiritual Guru, the best of the best. Sadly he passed away last year but left behind priceless treasures of knowledge.

This is his interpretation of the 2,500 year old teachings of the TAO-te-ching. He takes each verse, analyzing it, explaining it and applying it to our life in this modern world we live in.

He reminds us that we spend most of our lives chasing after things, people, and places because we feel that by acquiring all that we desire will make us happy. He draws attention to the fact that our thoughts and people in our lives control much of what and how we do. Urging us to take responsibility for our own thoughts, our lives and how to take power back to finally control our lives ourselves.

Reading this book will empower you to connect with your very own Wisdom of Spirit.

Year of Miracles-Marianne Williamson

This is a daily devotional that you will want to weave into your morning routine. It is packed with beautifully written uplifting and motivating words that will enlighten and exhilarate your senses.

I have read most of Marianne Williamsons books, and this one is one of my favorites. Her commitment to Spiritual Health and Sincere Compassionate Scripts a sense of Peace and brings bright intention to my day.

This book will become a favorite way to bring the Goodness of the Universe into your everyday.

Mere Christianity-C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis was one intellectual giant of the 20th Century, whose classic writings include the Chronicles of Narnia, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Mere Christianity is hailed a classic and timeless in his explanation of everything that Christians believe, and the reasons why they believe it.

He captures the essence of Christianity, supported by strong logic and fills in the blanks on theological understanding.

Explaining in his unique way of illustrating hard to understand concepts so that the common reader can understand proves to be one of the most important books on any spiritual journey.

Untethered Soul -Michael Singer

This book is a Life Changer. Open yourself up for deep reflection and feel the energy and the uplifting messages throughout the pages.

In the first chapter you will discover truths that will provide you with a sense of relief and much needed light, on how to quiet your inner chatter and separate yourself from the endless whirlwind of our minds. Just finding out that you are not the only one suffering with the ever present voice is enough reason to explore this book, fascinating truths page to page.

If you are embarking on a Spiritual Journey, this book is a must have! He will touch your inner soul with easy to understand and simple truths that you can apply to your life immediately. Become the Observer of the noisy mind and watch the thinker, as you find your center.

Truly Amazing! Sensational Book.

Power of Now-Eckert Towle

This was the very first book, of my spiritual journey that continues today. It took me several reads to truly comprehend what exactly the messages were saying, until one day it finally all made sense.

Read this very slowly, and savor every word, to truly realize the powerful truths behind the writing. The chapters explaining how our past and our future are mere illusions, and that most people still dwell so deeply inside of them instead of fully concentrating on the Now. By focusing every moment on here and now will transform your daily living and promote a life of peace.

A Return to Love-Marianne Williamson

This is the second book by Marianne Williamson on my list of favorite reads, and with good reason. Her writing reflects a beautiful approach to living life with love.

This book is her take on the Course In Miracles which teaches the theory that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. She gives tools to teach us to live from a love standpoint, and it is a practical guide to removing the things that block goodness in our lives and is immediately actionable. When we get out of our own way and completely surrender there is nothing else that we have to "do", to achieve a clearer path for ourselves.

A Lantern of Illumination, the impact of the book is endless.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway-Susan Jeffers, M.D

Easy Read! Insightful! Powerful! Essential reading if you have ever struggled with fears that have paralyzed how you live your life. This one really is awesome! I have applied so much here to my own life with fantastic results.

This book was also one of the first and favorites I have devoured over and over again. She offers easy techniques to apply to this game of life, and offers the knowledge of how to effectively expand your comfort zone.

Guides you from a place of panic to a powerful environment. Some great tried and true tips here, don't miss this one!

Well there you have it, some of my all-time favorite books, and will be adding more here and there, hoping you can make the time for yourself to enjoy a few of these gems!

Please be sure and leave me any suggestions you might have on what your reading these days!

In Peace and Health,