Let Your Light Shine

"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

-Nelson Mandella

Climb that mountain. Reach the top and proclaim what you are here for, send out your message to everyone who needs to be inspired by someone like you.

Offer up your light. It is there, inside of you as you rush the kids ready in the morning, it is there as you scramble to make ends meet, and it is there as you roll into bed at night, utterly exhausted. Your light is there.

Life is waiting for you to jump on the map, to declare your mission. Perhaps you are a fabulous cook, inspired artist, loving Mama, or if you are fortunate all three.

Shout it out, Own Who and What You Are. Only you can do what is there for YOU to do. Noone can magnify your light, but yourself. Nothing is to small, or to insignificant, all the gifts that we are given are worthy. Accept them, Master them, Show up and Shine.

This world we live in desperately needs your passions and compassion.

It needs your Creativity and Spark.

It needs your Focus and your Desire.

When you allow your own light to light up this world, you are telling it that you are not afraid, that you are unique and confident in who you are, that you are not dependent on others opinions,and most importantly that you are true to yourself. Success will follow. Other people will follow. This is how strong leaders are formed.

There are so many people who are waiting, searching for the light. Be vulnerable, offer your help and show them how to live authentically. By you being you, and enjoying it sets a remarkable example for others to follow. Rise Up.

The key to Genuine Happiness is to unveil and accept the real you, flaws and all. Let go of peoples opinions and honor your needs and desires. We are all meant to shine, and to manifest the wonderfulness inside of us.

Love more Fearlessly, Feel things more deeply, Connect to the Meaningful things in your lives, and as you do your own Light will Emerge, Beautifully, Shine.

It is there inside of you. It always was.

Become a Beacon of Light.

In Peace and Health,