Doing the next right thing

" Whatever happens to me, given any situation, I CAN HANDLE IT!"

Change is hard. Life presents us with it at times when we least expect it, and at other times when it is desperately needed. Although this time is anything but normal, we can attempt to treat ourselves as such, by simply doing the next right thing.

For some this may be checking in on a neighbor, taking the dog for a walk or preparing a healthy dinner for your family. I have found myself having a hard talk with my daughter, throwing away stacks of unread articles and unnecessary papers, raking the yard, ordering my seeds for my garden, and performing simple rituals such as tea in the afternoons, yoga and practicing meditation with my daughter, and reading books together.

The twists and turns recently that life handed us was not expected and proving to be challenging. Our journeys are all unique, yet similar in that we need to strive to reach from our highest self. It starts with a decision to take control of our choices, purposely choosing the healthiest options. This for me includes maintaining a routine for my daughter and myself. Included is daily exercise, healthy meals and snacks, outside time, reading, writing, creative play and plenty of rest and relaxation.

We can't control outside circumstances. We only have control over ourselves.

Of course there are moments of favorite television shows, oreos and milk, and lounging In bed far too long. This is proof that allowing ourselves these pleasures is also part of the self care that we need to honor.

The occasional curve ball can actually turn out to be a shove in the right direction, if we open up ourselves to new possibilities.

Especially now, given the situation the entire world is being faced with, we can at once know how similar we all truly are. We all are experiencing times of deep fear, grief, stress, worry and loneliness.

I try and feel it fully, journal my thoughts down and try to get up and move past it by choosing the next right thing ( preferably sticking to the healthier option). This may include a walk outside, housework, or sending out cards and pictures to friends and family.

Many of us have been quarantined to stay at home, some also to begin teaching their children, some taking care of elder parents, some alone. Despite the circumstances, we all have one universal truth.

We are all one and the same, all in this together.

One big change for me has been the frequency of check-ins with my family, even regular conversations with my brother whom I rarely used to connect with. This for me feels like progress.

We will get through this, and perhaps grow as


I have had the highs and lows almost on the daily. One thing that I am doing which helps is looking within and discovering some creativity with drawing, and in my writing. I have always enjoyed these activities and now by spending more time practicing them, they have taken on a life all their own.

By looking at this availability in my life, with fresh new eyes, I see the opportunity to spend more quality time going inside myself, and create. This too shall pass, and my large amounts of spaciousness will quickly fill up.

Never underestimate the power that you have from within. Love yourself enough to making a commitment to your health and to your life. We only have this one, its up to you to rise up and accept the challenge, even and especially now due to our new "normal."

Attempting to change what you are getting from life starts with you, instead try changing what you are giving to yourself.

What are some of your next right things?

In Peace and Health~

Barbara xo

*Happier times spent with Family-at my son Spencer's college graduation~