You are worth it

March 2, 2019

 Change is hard. Life presents us with it at times when we least expect it, and at other times when it is desperately needed. 


Many forms of change are thrown in our direction to allow us to grow, seek new opportunities and to expand ourselves to reach our full potential.

The twists and turns that life hands us is often not expected and can prove to be challenging. Our journey will be much easier in dealing with our changes when we realize that our self care and self appreciation cannot come from external influences. It starts with a decision to take control of our choices. If we wait for things outside of us to change we will always remain stuck. We can't control outside circumstances. We only have control over ourselves.

Working on ourselves and getting to fully know ourselves and fully embrace all of the good and not so good, will allow us to honestly move forward in our lives. This is true when dealing with our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. By paying more attention to our inner selves and noticing what we like and don't like is an important step in building our confidence and embracing change.


Our bodies depend on us to nourish it with healthy foods, and keeping it fit by exercising and staying active. If we took our prescribed medications ( or daily vitamins), only when we remembered and did not take them daily, they clearly would not work and help with whatever is ailing us. Our body is the same way. We push ourselves daily to perform at our jobs, with our coworkers, families, and friends at a top level. It becomes impossible to maintain that standard of good living if we do not honor ourselves by taking the time to put our needs first.


We have value and merit, and have decided that we are going to confirm our self worth to ourselves. 


I began lifting my 5 pound weights, 3 reps of 100, every morning before jumping in the shower, and after a couple of months, my arms are toned, and stronger. The key here is to do this, everyday. Not once a week, or when you happen to think of it, everyday. Now imagine if you did this in the evening as well. Your results will be your reward.


Small daily habits really do make a difference in our lives. The occasional curve ball can actually turn out to be a shove in the right direction. Consistency is the secret to making the changes stick. Once we have started, keep going, it is amazing what we can achieve by just taking small steps everyday. 


The best change is the one that we can look back on and be proud that perseverance and hard work led to the desired outcome. Never underestimate the power that you have from within. Love yourself enough to making a commitment to your health and to your life. We only have this one, its up to you to rise up and accept the challenge.


 Attempting to change what you are getting from life starts with you, instead try changing what you are giving to yourself.


In Peace and Health~










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